Installing Roku Private Channels

What Are Roku Private Channels?

Whether you are a first time Roku Streaming Media Player, or have owned one for awhile; you might be wondering what exactly are these Roku Private Channels that you keep hearing about. Despite the name making it sound restricted, Roku Private Channels can be installed by anyone. They are simply unofficial channels which have been developed for Roku Streaming Media devices. When a developer creates a Roku channel, they set a unique code which is used to install the channel on Roku devices. Eventually, the channel might get officially approved by Roku in which case it would be added to the Roku Channel Store making it available to be installed directly from your Roku device.

How To Install Roku Private Channels

Now that you know a little bit about Roku Private Channels, you are probably wondering how to go about getting them installed onto your Roku Media player. It is actually easier than you might think. First, you will need to find out what the channels unique code is. Have a look at our list of all the Roku Private Channels and make note of the code for any channels that interest you. You now have two options for adding the channel. You can either add the channel manually, or click a link which will take you to the add channel page where you can then approve or cancel adding the channel. After you add a channel, you can either wait for the Roku to update itself or you can force an update by opening the Roku Channel Store and then closing it.

Manually Add a Roku Private Channel

To manually add a new Roku Private Channel, go to the Roku Owner page at and login to your account. This is the same account that you created when you linked your Roku device upon setting it up for the very first time. Once logged in, click on the link ‘Add Private Channel’. You will then be asked for the Roku Private Channel’s unique code. Enter the code and click the ‘Add’ button. You will now be asked to approve the channel to be added. If a channel is not available in your country or has been removed, you will be notified. That is it, the channel is now added and will appear on your Roku channel list when it updates next.

Automatically Add a Roku Private Channel

This step is not really automatic, however it is much faster than manually adding a Roku private channel. For this step, all you need to do is be logged into your Roku owner account and then click a link that takes you directly to the page where you approve or reject adding the channel. It is that simple!

Get Started With Roku Private Channels

The only thing left now is to start adding some Roku private channels to your device. If you install a channel and decide that you don’t like it, you can delete it by highlighting it and pressing the * button on your Roku remote. Happy Hunting.

Complete list of Roku Private Channels

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