Roku Movie Channels

Roku Movie Channels

Roku Movie Channels

One of the most common uses for Roku devices is to stream movies. Currently, there are several Roku movie channels to choose from that offer a variety of different movies to choose from. The biggest and most known channel is Netflix which is a subscription based service. The Netflix Roku Channel is one of the standard channels that you can add directly from your Roku dashboard. The next most popular would be the Amazon Instand Video Roku Channel which is Amazon’s online streaming service. Unlike Netflix, Amazon Instant Video allows you to pay per title. With Amazon Instant Video, you can ‘rent’ a movie which allows you to stream it for 48 hours; or, you can purchase a movie which allows you to stream it as many times as you like with no time limit.

If you are looking for a free alternative to watching movies on your Roku; then you should install the Crackle Roku Channel. Crackle is a free service which is ad based. It doesn’t have as big of selection as Netflix or Amazon Instant Video but it is still a good service considering that it costs you nothing. There are also a couple of Roku Private Channels which allow movies to be watched on your Roku Media Player. The Vanguard Roku Private Channel is an independent movie channel meaning that the movies it features are not Hollywood releases. This doesn’t mean the movies are bad, it just means they are usually low budget films.

Another Roku Private Channel is Moonlight Movies. This channel is dedicated to showing movies between the time period of the 1930’s to the 1970’s. The Moonlight Movies Roku Private Channel does have a fee, however it is pretty low. The service is just $3.00 per year which is a great deal if you like old movies. There is a similar channel that shows older movies called Popflix Classic Movies. The Popflix Classic Movies Roku Private Channel is free of charge. The Threshold Network channel is a vintage film provider that focuses on vintage and classic films from science fiction, horror, and fantasy movie genres. Each month, they offer a new selection of movies to be watched. The cost for The Threshold Network is 99 cents a month.

If you are a fan of Bollywood cinema, there is also a Roku Private Channel that features many Bollywood films. TeluguOne is a subscription based Roku Private Channel which offers many different Bollywood films to choose from. If you prefer Asian movies, there is a private channel called Asian Crush. The Asian Crush private channel is free and features Asian films and documentaries.

There are always new channels being added to both the Roku Public Channels list and the Roku Private Channels list. Typically, big Hollywood blockbuster type movies are going to be found in the Roku Public Channels listings however sometimes there can be exceptions. For now, this list should get you started.

If there are any Roku Movie Channels that have been missed, please mention them in the comment box below.

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  1. Olga says:

    Do you have any Channels to be able to watch. Cann’s film festival or Capri film festival or movie from Europe and subtitle in English Thank you. Or boathshow when they are announced ,like. Car show , boat show from Geneva Italy or Miami. Florida

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