Watch Live TV on Roku with Aereo Roku Private Channel

To date, one of the biggest setbacks of digital streaming media players is that they do not let you watch live TV. Lots of people are eager to cut the cord when it comes to cable but at what cost. People are use to the idea of having live TV where they can click through the channels to see what is on. The bigger issue is that people cannot watch their favorite shows when the new episode comes out.

That is, until now. A new service called Aereo has come out which allows for over the air broadcasts to be streamed to Roku devices. For the low rate of $8 per month, you can watch as much live TV as you like directly from your Roku device. Read on to find out how it works.

First, you will need to create an Aereo account. To do so, you must live in one of the supported locations. Currently, Aereo is limited to large cities in the USA only but the company is expanding into new areas. Once you have your account setup, you are provided with a Roku private channel code used to install the Aereo channel on to your Roku device.

Aereo How It Works

After you have the channel installed, you can load it up and surf through the channels just like you would on regular cable TV services. There is also a guide to quickly browse through the different channels and see what is on.

Aereo has amazing potential and is really going to cut into cable TV providers subscribers. For that reason, they are trying to prevent it from expanding and would like to see it go away. Hopefully, it is here to stay and by the looks of it; other companies are starting to offer similar services.

It is hard to say how Roku will respond to a channel like this. On one hand, having the ability to give people live TV will give Roku a huge boost in sales from people who don’t want to pay upwards of $30 a month for cable services. On the other hand, Roku has been trying to get deals with all of the TV networks (Time Warner, PBS, etc…). For now, it seems that Roku is undecided which would explain why Aereo has to be installed with a private channel code.

Aereo Coverage

If you are in an area where Aereo is available, you might as well sign up and try it out while you can. It is a great service and will save you a ton of money.

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2 Responses

  1. Cynthia Phipps says:

    I live 1 hour from Columbus ohio and 2 hours from Cleveland…..Would I be able to get this station or do I really have to live in the big city? Also I have the best roku box from the old series….I’m guessing that I would have to upgrade.

  2. Regg Hatcher says:

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