Watch live TV on your Roku device

This is a question that everyone asks when being told about the Roku. Can you watch live tv? By default, the answer is no. However; with the use of the Roku Private Channel, you can watch live television shows. allows people to stream content live online. Usually, it is used for gaming although there are tv shows and movies streamed… it is just a matter of finding them. The more popular a tv show, the better your chances of it being streamed by someone. There are no guarantees of the quality so don’t have too high of expectations.

So far, this is the best bet for accessing live tv on your Roku device. There are other channels which offer fairly recent content but it is not actually live. As internet tv and streaming media services become more popular, there will most likely be some television networks that make the switch into the digital market.

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  1. If NBC was only o.k. about allowing live sports on roku for winter olympics in sochie, russia. we have something. Hopefully, 2016 and 2018 will be agreeable..

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